barn plank pavers

Get the wood you DON'T replace!

Barn Plank Projects We Install

  • Barn Plank Paver Patios

  • Barn Plank Paver Walkways

  • Barn Plank Paver Steps

  • Barn Plank Pavers Steppers

  • Barn Plank Paver Pool Decks

  • Barn Plan Paver Border

  • Barn Plank Paver Wall Cap


barn plank pavers come in espresso and can be found at bailey construction & landscape group inc


barn plank pavers come in cedar and can be found at bailey construction & landscape group

Barn Plank Pavers

Barn plank pavers are one of our new and exciting products we can now offer.  Barn plank pavers never warp or seperate like real wood. No more replacement boards that look out of place or staining to achieve that color you want!  Once you seal your pavers you can just sit back and enjoy!


Barn plank pavers are even better than stamped concrete!  You don't have to  worry about these pavers cracking like concrete.  Once a concrete patio cracks, the entire patio has to be replaced, costing you more money!


Most paver molds only have one or two so there is a consistancy in the look of your pavers.  Barn plank pavers however, are created using 15 different molds so that your paver project looks natural, just like real barn wood!  





Can you see the difference?

Barn plank pavers distributed by south atlantic concreet products for bailey construction & landscape group
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