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dirt hauling

Fill Dirt

Priced per 1/2 tandem 

Fill dirt is a clay based dirt. Aka Georgia Red Clay.  Fill dirt is used most when dirt needs to be brought in to compact. When compacted properly, this dirt becomes hard as concrete and doesn't shift.  

Screened Dirt

Priced per 1/2 tandem

Screened dirt means just that, all debris had been removed, leaving just the dirt itself.  This dirt is used when dirt is needed in planting areas and in the yard in general, but this soil HAS NO ORGANICS in it.

Unscreened Dirt

Priced per 1/2 tandem

This dirt is unscreened, just like the name says.  This is still great dirt, but it may have materials in it, such as rocks or organic matter. This dirt can be used for most projects.  There are no nutrients in it either.

OPS (potting soil)

Priced per 1/2 tandem

Organic potting soil is used in any planting area. Organic potting soil contains manure and other organic material.  This soil is also needed once an area is graded before installing any type of sod.


mulch hauling

Black Mulch

Priced per cubic yard

This mulch is dyed black. It's used in landscaping inplace of sod and is used as an insulator for water and heat when planting. You should  use a layer about 2" thick when installing in your landscaping.

Brown Mulch

Priced per cubic yard

This mulch is dyed brown. It's also used in landscaping inplace of sod and is used as an insulator for water and heat when planting.This like all our mulches are locally sourced.

Cypress Mulch

Priced per cubic yard

This mulch isn't dyed.  Most people us this mulch when trying to get a more natural feel to their yard. This bulk landscape material is available almost all year round.  

Red Mulch

Priced per cubic yard

This mulch is dyed red. This is a very popular colored mulch. Like all mulches, it is used to enrich the soil and insulate the  soil in planting beds and around plants and trees. All of our mulches are wood based.


Gravel & Stone hauling

Crusher Run

Priced per ton

Crusher run is a mix of fine and larger aggregate.  It creates a low void (space between gravel), which makes it ideal for landscaping and construction where both compaction and drainage is needed.

#57 Stone / #6

Priced per ton

#57 stone is a common aggregate used in landscaping and construction.  It's composed of stones about the size of quarters.  The name comes from the size of the sleeve used to separate it. 

Type 3 RipRap

Priced per ton

Riprap, also known as rubble or is used to combat erosion along shorelines, waterways, and other shoreline structures such as pilings.  Riprap gets its name from a similar nautical term rip-rap.


Priced per ton

We haul asphalt millings! Asphalt millings are the last layer of pavement that has been removed. These millings can be used in driveways, but are genrally not the best for stormwater runoff.


sand hauling

M-10 Sand

Priced per 1/2 tandem

M-10 sand, also known as granite dust, is a highly compactable sand used as a base or foundation in hardscape projects such as patios, driveways, and walkways.

Masonry Sand

Priced per 1/2 tandem

Masonry sand is used for masonry projects, hence its name,  Masonry sand has been screened and washed.  It also has a finer texture than that of M-10 sand.

River Sand

Priced per 1/2 tandem

River sand comes from waterways and is usually missing pieces of clay and other debris.  River sand  is mostly used in concrete and mortar. This a a natural material.

Play Sand

Priced per 1/2 tandem

Play sand is made to be played in!  Play sand has a finer textured than other sands. Play sand  consist of screened and washed silica sand.  This allows the sand to be finer.


Rock hauling

River Rock

Priced per ton

River rock is used decoratively in many landscapes.  This rock is larger than pea gravel.  We use river rock and sometimes larger rock when installing dry river beds that help divert water and help erosion control in landscapes.

Pea Gravel

Priced per ton

Pea gravel is made of very small rocks, about the size of dimes.  These rocks are used as a decorative element in most landscapes in planting beds, but can also be used to help erosion control. 


debris hauling

Debris Removal

We do debris removal! If you have unwanted items or yard debris you want to have hauled away, we can help.


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