landscape design


  1. MAKE A LANDSCAPE DESIGN APPT.- Call, email, or send us your info via our contact form and get on schedule for your landscape design.

  2. WE COME SEE YOU- Dan DeVore, our landscape designer, comes to your home and meets with you, and then creates your color landscape design!  

  3. GET YOUR DESIGN & FREE ESTIMATE- Once Dan finishes your landscape plan, he comes out, goes over your design with you, and then gives you your FREE ESTIMATE. 


We also offer landscape consults

(ideas but no drawn plan)

Meet Your Landscape Designer

  • Certified Horticulturist & Arborist
  • Graduated from Vanderbilt University
  • 40+ years experience!
  • Taught the gardening classes at Centerville Community Center 
  • Oversees the installation & build of your project

landscape design


Landscape Consult

which one is best for me?

Want a FREE plan?

Ask me how?

Landscape Design

Landscape Consult

Landscape plans are

customized drawings

that cater to your

individual needs

Consults are when you are not sure what you want and just need ideas

Once your plan is completed, you get your FREE itemized estimate  based on your plan

Cost is just $85-$100 an hour, depending on your needs. You will know your cost upfront

You get a FREE itemized estimate based on the ideas dicussed in your cession

Cost is just $95

How will I get my landscape plan?

Once completed, your landscape plan will be emailed to you & you get a plan in person when Dan visits you to go over your plan.

What's the next step after I get my landscape plan?

Once you get your plan, we will give you a FREE itemized estimate based off your landscape design.  After that, we install your plan for you!

How long does it take to render my landscape plan?

This really depends on a few things. On average, landscape plans take 1-4 hours to complete & how many plans there are to complete.

What if I decide I want a landscape plan during a consult visit?

If you wish to get a landscape plan then, Dan can discuss that with you and we can get the plan process started.

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