sod / turf / grass

  • Fescue sod is a cool season grass, requires mostly shade

  • Is moisture and shade tolerant

  • Fescue sod has fast germination

  • It stays green all year long, is a darker color

  • Fescue sod stands up to foot traffic

  • Bermuda is a warm season grass, tolerates extreme heat

  • Is very resilient, easy to grow sod

  • Bermuda sod holds up to heavy foot traffic

  • It requires full sun, doesn't tolerate shade well

  • Myers Zoysia sod is vibrant green

  • Is great for smaller lawns

  • Myers Zoysia sod tends to thin out considerably near root systems of large tree        

  • Is both cold and heat tolerant, but needs full sun

  • Myers Zoysia sod holds up well to high traffic

  • Emerald Zoysia sod is slow growing = less mowing for you

  • Is more shade tolerant of all warm season sods

  • Emerald Zoysia sod is drought tolerant (extreme heat), doesn't like standing water

  • It has disease tolerance that is very high

  • Emerald Zoysia is a brighter green

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