What could I be doing for my landscaping right now in August?

There are always things to do with landscaping. Simple steps in preventative maintenance can keep your landscaping not only beautiful, but catching problems early can save you money in the future. Try some of these and see just how much of a difference it can make in your yard!


  • Check to insure the system is working

  • Check all heads and time clock operation

  • Remember the water restrictions for your county

  • If the timer has a time increase button or setting, consider increasing the volume to 125%

Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc. can do this service for you for $95.00


  • Check for fungus and apply fungicide

  • Bermuda will have silver dollar size brown spots

  • Fescue is "dormant" or not growing currently. Do not use fertilizer! The fungus has already done it's damage. Prepare for aeration, top dress and reseeding that should be done in September. Don't forget to continue to water your Fescue.

  • Other warm season sod such as Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Centipede need lots of water. As a rule of thumb, try to make sure your lawn gets 1" per week. A good way to measure the amount of water your lawn is getting is by using an empty tuna can and placing it in the yard. Just make sure it is level and you can measure the amount of water your lawn is receiving.


  • Hydrangeas should have been pruned in July. You can do this by cutting off the dead heads unless you want to keep them for inside display.

  • Prune Hollies, Cleyeras, Knock Out Roses, and Junipers

  • Check Azaleas for lace bugs and treat them with NEEN OIL

  • Check Camellias for mealy bugs and treat them with NEEM OIL


  • Check Dogwoods for dead wood and remove it

  • Remove branches that obscure a view or where someone could hide, insuring your safety.

  • Right now, due to lower rain levels, some trees are already dropping leaves. This is a sign of lack of water. For each caliper inch (diameter of tree), it needs 55 gallons of water a week to survive. Example: 3 inch diameter tree needs 165 gallons of water just to survive

  • Large oaks are especially susceptible to death by drought. This is because they have a very shallow root system.

We have an arborist on staff that can provide you with tree evaluation.

Just call for our rates!

Begin now to look ahead for Fall planting. Your plan should include bed maintenances, annuals like Pansies, Kale, and Snap Dragon Tulips, and evergreen perennials. We can help you with your planning and installation. Mulch is also a topic for review. Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc handles mulch in multiple colors and varieties.

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