Where has all the water gone? Even though you may be seeing showers here and there, we are in a drought here in Georgia. That means watering restrictions are also on the way. Most counties have issued watering guidelines and watering schedules to help combat the drought. Just go to your county website and they will have all that listed for you.


When watering your plants or keeping your lawn healthy, there are a few tips you can use to keep everything healthy.

1. If possible, water your plants or sod very early in the morning, before the dew sets in or in the evening after sundown.

2. When watering, try to water 20% less than you normally would. This keeps the water from evaporating. Also try watering multiple times instead of all at once so you have less runoff.

3. When watering, water next to the drip line of the plant (next to roots). This also consumes less water.

Stay tuned for more watering tips

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