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Need storm drain help?

Storm drains are everywhere. Storm drain systems are in place to help direct surface and groundwater through and around our landscapes. Most people recognize the terms catch basin or culvert. These are different types of stormwater systems. Thanks to all this awesome rain we have been having here in Georgia, storm drains malfunctions have been on the

We find that most customers have sinking along the side or backside of the culverts, and erosion around the culvert pipes. Great news is that this particular type of sinkhole doesn't contain debris, YEAH! Not so bad, the area needs to be compacted properly as it was not properly compacted to begin with. Bad news is, the stormwater system has to be replaced because it has now become damaged. If you notice any signs that you may have a sinkhole forming near these structures or you are having erosion near your storm drain, give us a call 770-466-8766 or send us your info and we will call you to set up a free estimate on our website. www.bclgroupinc.com.

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