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  • COMPACTION-  If retaining walls buckle or bow out, the back-fill behind your retaining wall can indicate poor compaction. This occurs when fill dirt placed behind the retaining wall has not been compacted correctly. The soil  settles between the cracks of your retaining wall and washes away.  You may notice holes or cracks on the surface area located just behind your wall, if this occurs.

  • NOT ENOUGH DEADMAN-  These cradles are used to anchor your wood retaining wall.  The absence of these important pieces of wood will result in the collapse of your wall.  You may notice your wall bowing or buckling too if this occurs. 

  • POOR DRAINAGE- Retaining walls that are generally 4 feet or over, require a foundation drain. Drains allow for moisture to filter through your retaining wall, instead of pushing through cracks in your retaining wall.  Buckling can also be a sign of this problem.

Engineer Retaining Wall
Block engineer retaining wall in Roswell, Ga installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc.
Timber Retaining Wall
Timber retaining wall in Snellville, Ga installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc.
Block Retaining Wall
Block retaining wall in Lilburn installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc.
Stone Retaining Wall
Stone retaining wall in Loganville, Ga installed by bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc.
Free Standing Retaining Wall
Free standing block retaining wall in Snellville, Ga with matching columns and landscape lighting installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape group, Inc.
Gabion Basket Retaining Wall
This is a gabion basket retaining wall installed in Greensboro, Ga by Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc
Boulder Retaining Walls
Tiered boulder retaining walls in Lawrenceville, Ga installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape group, Inc.
Garden Wall
Garden wall in Loganville, Ga installed by Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc.
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#1 Problem with Retaining Walls No One Talks About

Sinking underneath your retaining wall could be a sign of a sinkhole.  A sinkhole's root cause is underground.  If you want to stop a sinkhole from spreading onto your property, or stop it from spreading further across your property, you must excavate the sinkhole. Again, the sinkhole is underground and any building on top of this area, including your retaining wall, is just going to add weight to that area and will continue to sink. It will in no shape or form solve your sinkhole problem.  Rebuilding your retaining wall at this point will not help either, as the sinkhole will still remain there until it is properly removed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE WRONG SOLUTION! For more information on sinkholes, visit our sinkhole page


Depending on the type of retaining wall you are constructing, you will need different materials.  A block retaining wall for example, will need geogrid or geofabric to help support it. A cross-tie retaining wall will need deadman for support instead.  Your wall height will also be a factor.  Certain heights require foundation drain(s).  You will need back-fill behind your retaining wall and possible crusher run.  In some counties, a retaining wall over 4' tall must be permitted. These are engineered walls.  Free standing walls systems don't require back-fill, crusher run, or drains.  Make sure you pay attention to what your retaining wall estimate has, and make to ensure all the components needed for your wall are there to avoid costly change orders or even having to rebuild your wall.


You never want to replace just a section of your retaining wall. Taking out portions of your retaining wall can compromise the integrity of the overall retaining wall.  In other words, your retaining wall is no longer safe or stable!  With that being said, you can replace certain areas on the very top layer of your retaining wall because it's on the top, and you don't have to remove too much from the structure of your landscape wall. If you find a sinkhole under your retaining wall, jacking your retaining wall up to repair it WILL NOT WORK!!  Again, you will compromise your retaining wall.  The sinkhole cannot be repaired either. Unfortunately, these walls usually have to be rebuilt to insure your retaining wall is safe and will function properly.

Ghazala Abdullah Retaining Wall

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Looks amazing. Excellent workmanship. Also very professional. They do what they say!


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