stormwater management

Stormwater Systems & Management

Stormwater is rainwater that doesn't soak into the ground as it flows across impervious surfaces (impenetrable coated) such as roads, driveways, etc.  Stormwater management is the redirection of storm water off of streets, lawns, driveways, and other sites by drainage structures such as culvert pies, box drains, catch basins, etc. Storm water drains such as culvert pipes, allow water to flow under structures such as a road, driveway, and other obstructions to the waterflow.   Storm drain systems use drainage structures to also prevent pollution, erosion, and flooding.  Stormwater drains are different from sewage drains because they do not carry water to any sewer system.  

Culvert Pipes

Circular arch culvert pipes are the most common of these drains.  These culvert pipes can be made of metal, roller compacted concrete (reinforced concrete), and other materials.  

There are also box culvert pipes.  These are most commonly used under large roads and railways.  When looking at box culverts, they look like regular bridges when driving over them.

Culvert Pipe with Grate
This culvert pipe was installed in Greensboro, Ga.
Large Culvert Drain Pipe
Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe
Driveway metal & concrete culvert
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other types of STORM DRAINS to aid in stormwater management that we install & repair

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